Toro es3000SD/75500 72V 76cm Battery Ride On Side Discharge


  • Shift from mulching to side discharge to fit your needs. Use the standard mulching option during the mowing season for a manicured lawn, or side discharge for areas that are less frequently maintained. You can even mow in reverse when needed.
  • With no belts, pulleys, spark plugs, fuel or oil to worry about, the es3000SD/75500 is simple to maintain. Keeping it charged on a regular basis is basically all you need to do. Even recharging it is easy: Simply plug in the cable and let it charge until its ready to go.
  • Choose from 10 height-of-cut settings ranging from 25mm to 105mm. You decide the height to cut the grass based on mowing conditions and season.
  • The high-back seat provides premium support during longer mowing sessions and adjusts to put the pedals and steering wheel within comfortable reach. Mowing in open areas? Engage the cruise control feature to maintain the mower speed so you can take your foot off the pedal.
  • The eS3000SD gives you the productivity of a riding mower in a smaller footprint. With a 76 cm deck, its easy to steer in tight spaces like smaller gardens and standard gates. The nimble 46 cm turning radius also makes it easy to trim around tress and other landscape features.
  • Get up to 2 hours (8,000 m²) of runtime with the powerful 72V brushless motor. That’s more than enough to comfortably mow the average garden. The battery charge indicator on the control panel tells you the exact level at a glance, and reminds you when its time to return to the storage area for a recharge.
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Create a beautiful lawn and have more time to enjoy it with Toro’s newest battery-powered tractor mower. The easy-to-use es3000SD/75500 delivers the power to mow large lawns, along with the benefits of low noise, low maintenance and zero engine exhaust emissions. It also features a 72V rechargeable battery and a compact design, so you can get into tight spaces with ease. With the versatility to switch from mulching to side discharge, you can choose how you handle clippings based on the mowing conditions. Plus, with an adjustable high-back seat and modern conveniences like a cup holder, cruise control and LED headlight, you’ll be ready to power through garden clean-up in comfort all season long.