Oleo-Mac GSH 400 Petrol Chainsaw


A well-featured petrol chainsaw for domestic use. Pro build-quality for an extended working life & higher performance-levels. Powerful two-stroke engine – fuel-efficient with lower emissions.

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This new model from Olea Mac is ideal for cutting up logs for making firewood and the pruning and limbing of small- to medium-sized branches, the Oleo-Mac GSH 400 Universal Petrol Chainsaw is designed for the serious home-user and has some highly useful features and functions built-in to make operation and maintenance remarkably simple and safe. And it comes with a comprehensive package of maintenance- and safety-accessories, all included.

But don’t think because this is a domestic machine that any corners have been cut. This is a top quality chainsaw from one of the word’s leading brands; built to a high standard, and delivering high-performance and a lengthy working-life with an unbeatable price.

With a powerful 38.9cc two-stroke petrol engine producing an impressive 2hp, this model is fitted with a 35cm guide-bar and has a chain with a 3/8” pitch and a 0.50” gauge for efficient cutting.

It’s easy to operate and even has illustrated step-by-step instructions printed on the body, so even less experienced users won’t have any problems. A handy multi-function lever further enhances ease-of-use.

Chainsaw maintenance is vital, and this model is as simple to maintain as it is to operate, with transparent tanks in an easily viewable position for checking oil- and fuel-levels; and a primer device that guarantees hassle-free ignition, even from cold. The chain-oil tank-capacity is 0.26-litres and the fuel-capacity is 0.32-litres, so you can spend less time mixing fuel and oil and topping-up. Chain lubrication is automatic, with the pump providing oil to the chain on start-up.

An anti-vibration system, with three spring dampers and three rubber stops, reduces discomfort from engine juddering. Added to this, the carburettor-bracket has four integrated anti-vibration mounts to ensure fuel-burning stability under varying operating conditions. It also extends the carburettor’s working life.

The Oleo-Mac GSH 400 Chainsaw is exceptionally clean-running, making use more comfortable and improving fuel economy for reduced air pollution. An inertia-activated chain-brake is included for optimum kick-back protection. Balance and power-to-weight ratio are vitally important and the weight of this model is an easily manageable 4.5 kg.

Additional information


Petrol 2-stroke

Engine Capacity


Engine Power

2.3 HP – 1.7 kW/38.9 cm³

Starting System

Recoil with Fuel Primer

Fuel Tank

0.32 litres

Bar Length



3/8''x.050'' special

Oil Tank

0.26 litres

Weight in kg approx



5 Years