HAYTER HAWK 43 S/P 60V Battery Mower Kit (includes 4AH battery and std charger)


A battery operated self propelled Hayter lawnmower kit with a Hawk 43 SP shell, a 4.0Ah 60V battery and a 2.0 Amp charger, ideal for use on lawns up to 300m2.

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Ideal for the homeowner; the self-propelled lawnmower which includes the battery and charger to get started straight away on lawns up to 300m2

This kit includes the Hawk shell, a 2.0Amp charger and 4.0Ah 60V battery enough to get the job done on a lawn measuring up to 300 m2.

Excellent cutting efficiency

Thanks to a wide cutting deck of 43cm, the Hawk 43 SP cordless mower can cover an extensive amount of lawn in a shorter space of time, making the Hawk 43 extremely productive.  Furthermore, the Hawk 43 SP lawnmower features seven different cutting heights ranging from 19 mm to 70 mm, giving the user lots of options when it comes to the desired grass length, or based on the condition of the grass all in the press of a button.

Featuring a spacious 50 litre grass bag that is also easy to remove and empty; the Hawk 43 provides a a mess-free mowing experience.

Adjust the speed and simply steer

Equipped with a variable speed setting, the user is able to mow at a speed that suits them.  In addition, thanks to being self-propelled, the Hawk 43 does all the hard work, the user has to just simply steer the mower.

Aesthetically pleasing lawn stripes

Thanks to an integrated rear ribbed roller; the Hawk 43 lawnmower produces a perfectly striped lawn for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Wireless benefits

The Hawk 43 is completely wireless, giving the user complete freedom of movement, as well as making the mower extremely manoeuvrable and easy to use.   Furthermore, with an efficient engine, the user can expect zero engine exhaust emissions.     

Easy to use, easy to store

Featuring a simple push button to start, the user can get mowing in no time.

The Hawk 43 features a power boost function which optimises the run time and performance based on the grass condition and can be adjusted based on how tough the grass conditions are.

The Hawk 43 can save vital storage space up to 70%  thanks to being able to store vertically once the handle is folded.

Battery versatility

The 40V Li-ion battery provides a planet-friendly alternative to using fuel, as well as being able to use the battery on other compatible Toro 60V garden tools.