HAYTER HAWK 43 Push 60V Mower Kit (includes 4AH battery and std charger)


Achieve that perfect lawn with the Hayter Hawk 43 cordless lawnmower kit!

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Designed to mow lawns up to 300 sqm

Powered by a robust 60V battery, the Hawk 43 cordless lawnmower delivers impressive cutting prowess without the hassle of cords or fuel.  Thanks to a brushless motor; the Hawk 43 mower boasts high performance yet a quieter operation than its petrol counterparts.

Effortlessly navigate larger lawns up to 300 m² with the Hawk 43 mower thanks to a 43cm cutting width which covers ground efficiently whilst ensuring a uniform finish.

Features a cutting system to ensure excellent results

Achieve precision with six adjustable cutting heights ranging between 19 mm and 70 mm, allowing the user to tailor the grass length according to preference and the condition of the grass that is being mowed.

Extremely user friendly

The Hawk 43 cordless mower boasts a user-friendly design to ensure an effortless start up procedure at the touch of a button.  Furthermore, equipped with operator presence control levers; the Hawk 43 mower provides the user with a mowing experience that is comfortable and easier to handle.

Equipped with a generous 50 litre grass collector that is also easy to empty; the Hawk 43 lawnmower provides a cleaner, mess free mowing experience for the user, whilst also enhancing work productivity with minimal disruptions.

What the kit includes

Included in this kit, alongside the shell is 1x 4Ah 60V battery for extended run time and a 2Amp charger for quick and efficient battery replenishment, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity to tackle the job quickly and efficiently.