Efco MT 3700 Petrol Chainsaw


Probably one of the best domestic use petrol chainsaws that money can buy, both in terms of durability and performance, the Efco MT3700 is difficult to fault. It is lightweight with ergonomic handling it also boasts excellent emissions compliance.

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There are a lot of hobbyist chainsaws available, and most of these are likely to be fine for most of your basic cutting needs. However, when faced with tougher cutting jobs, such as pruning tough branches or cutting up small to medium tree trunks, you will definitely notice the extra power and performance of Efco’s MT 3700, which stands out from its simpler rivals for combining all of the user-friendly features of your average ‘hobbyist’ chainsaw with the kind of technology found in much higher specification machines. This, therefore, is a chainsaw designed for the discerning residential user, tackling even the toughest domestic cutting work with ease.

One excellent example of the way in which the MT 3700 stands out from its rivals is its 35.2cc two-stroke petrol engine, which features Efco’s innovative ‘Burn Right’ technology. This clever system works to optimise the combustion process, thereby simultaneously reducing emissions and boosting fuel efficiency. This system also incorporates an electronically controlled digital coil, which as well as further reducing fuel consumption also allows makes starting easier. Herein we see how the MT 3700 offers the best of both worlds, uniting ease of operation with consistently outstanding performance.

Fitted as standard with a sturdy 35cm (14”) bar and a potent 3/8” x .050” (pitch x gauge) chain, the MT 3700 will happily make short work of chopping firewood, pruning trees and all of those other challenging cutting jobs that need doing from time to time around the home and garden. To help ensure great results every time the MT 3700 also features an automatic oil pump, made from tough aluminium for exceptional long-term dependability, thereby ensuring both that the chain remains well oiled while cutting and that the flow is stopped when the engine is idling. As with the engine, this cutting gear set up helps to make the MT 3700 simultaneously easy to use and pleasingly potent.

Additional ergonomic features provide even greater user convenience, such as the front and rear handles which offer a secure grip and quick access to all controls (including the single multifunction lever incorporating on-off, half-throttle and choke control devices). Equally important in this respect is the MT 3700’s lightweight (only 4.1kg) and compact design, which makes this powerful little chainsaw satisfyingly portable and easy to handle. Built with only hardwearing, high quality components, including a two-ring piston, a nickel engine cylinder, and a forged steel connecting rod and crankshaft, Efco’s MT 3700 is also magnificently durable, so even the most dedicated home gardener can rest completely assured of long lasting, superbly dependable performance.

Additional information


35.2cc 2-stroke

Power Source

Petrol/oil mixture

Bar Length



3/8''x.050'' special

Fuel Tank

0.32 litres

Oil Tank

0.22 litres

Oil Pump


Weight in kg approx



2 Years